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Identity is central to sensor networks for both people and devices. At Moving Data, we have been breaking new ground in the sensor space by embracing the identity of devices, putting them on the same level as users. As has been done in corporate environments for over 20 years, we treat sensor devices as wholly independent entities with their own unique attributes and positions in the organisational hierarchies of the businesses they belong to. By recognising the identities of devices this way, entirely new options for delegated administration and management become possible. We are passionate at Moving Data about identity, as it underpins every other part of a sensor project. To this end, we have released several pieces of open source software to help others implement robust identity functionality in their own projects.


Having great data is only one piece of the puzzle: what good is it if you can’t act on it? At Moving Data, we believe that for data to be useful, it has to be actionable, and that the end user should be able to choose for themselves the style of presentation that is most suitable for them. To better assist in this decision, we have integrated a range of third-party systems, and built a couple of our own. Not all data is created equal. Some information lends itself well to a more traditional spreadsheet-like presentation, some is better expressed graphically, and some only makes sense as a live, up-to-the-second display. By working with a diverse range of businesses and projects, we at Moving Data have developed a keen sense for identifying appropriate presentation and interactivity tradeoffs.

 Delegation and Audit

The ability to delegate administrative and managerial duties can make or break a business or project. At Moving Data, we have implemented industry-leading systems based on OASIS standards for applying business rules, communicating authorisation, and maintaining a rich audit trail. Combined with our philosophy of giving devices their own identities, we have used these systems to form the core of a flexible, manageable platform for projects. Delegation is a powerful tool for any business. A comprehensive audit log goes along with this concept to ensure that delegation strategy is operating as expected. At Moving Data, we extend the concept of delegation to devices as well. By treating devices similarly to users, we can allow them to perform certain actions (such as “submit data”) only under certain conditions.


Moving Data adopt the telecommunications practice of the “service-oriented architecture”. This means that we have multiple, distinct parts that work independently of, and communicate with each other to achieve a single goal. In a service-oriented architecture, if a system fails it can be identified and repaired quickly without affecting any other systems. This means that if there is for example, a network outage or power failure, no information is lost but simply queued until the outage is resolved. Our containerised software is resilient, scaleable and can be hosted anywhere.

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Our 'Smart Data' Platform

Siphon.IO is your real-time smart pipe between the components of your application or business. Built on a strong foundation and battle-tested in production, you can be sure that your events will get from A to B to C

Rapid Telematics Hardware Provisioning

Moving Data have partnered with leading telematics hardware provider ATrack to provide a one button provisioning system for rapid test and assurance.

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