Telstra – Connecting Outback Australia

Telstra’s geographically remote subscriber service is “NextG Wireless Link”. The service provides a high quality telephony and broadband service to ‘fixed line’ subscribers up to 200Km from the nearest 3G cell tower.

From 2006 Moving Data provided Design, Logistics, Software maintenance and Subscriber Insights to ensure Australia’s most remote households experience a sustainable, high quality telephony and broadband service.

Capex and Opex savings are maintained through the minimization of remote field repairs. Customer satisfaction metrics provide proof of value.

Vodafone – Empowering Customer Assurance

When Vodafone Australia was waiting for their M2M global platform to be deployed, customers were demanding a single view of their data consumption and service status.

We used to join asset data with live network messages to provide a geographic assurance view (network Green, Yellow, Red).

This Subscriber Centric approach provided network performance insights for customers still not available from most Telco platforms today.

DBSU – Delivering Financial Insight

Project managers gained the upper hand in variation negotiations by having access to accurately measured activity, reported daily. The improved risk profile and audit resulted in positive project variations of $5M.

This mining construction firm in Australia’s remote Pilbara region had difficulty providing timely construction variation financial data to its head office using manual recording methods.

Our client is able to allocate activity costs automatically with live reporting. Identifying and reducing resource wastage while increasing maintenance revenues. All made possible by recording onsite activities every 10 seconds with vehicle mounted sensors

On-going savings of 2-3% of construction costs allow tight margin tenders to be won.

Micro Technology –  Telecommunications Translations

Micro Technology (Japan) develops embedded device software and hardware, and enhanced productivity IT systems for manufacturers

To enhance service to their customers Microtechnology needed to provide a SIM assurance platform in Japanese. The leading global SIM management platform PRiSM Pro, from Kore Wireless provides the functionality, but not in a Japanese version.

Moving Data uses lawful intercept concepts to apply translations of complex and changeable asset data in real time to create a localized version of PRiSM Pro.

Mach Communications (now KORE Wireless) – Australia’s first M2M MVNO

With Ericsson assistance, Moving Data joined a collaboration in 2003 to form Australia’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator specifically for the M2M market. We were able to seed the market with new products and ideas.

Mach Communications was sold to Kore Wireless (Canada) in 2011 on the back of the market penetration we achieved into the North American medical market.

Industry initiatives at the time were:

The use of a pre-paid platform to achieve real-time data charging; The medical certification of SIM cards; The real time processing of radius accounting messages to provide customer assurance systems; Aggregation of GPRS data across SIMs; also developed was a comprehensive suite of tools for configuration, management and diagnostics of devices.


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